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Publication date: 26.07.2016
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Evgenia A. Orlova , магистрант
FSBEI of HE "Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism" , Москва г

«Physiological effects of vigorous exercise performing on unstable support»

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In this research the author investigates the question of series of press-up execution influence at unstable platform on myographic indexes of muscle work at corpus and shoulder girdle and also 6-week training including this exercise on unstable support and its influence on the growth dynamics of force abilities. As the author marks, 10 students of a sport high school took part in the research. They registrated electromyogram from 6 muscles while performing a set of 10 press-ups at stable and unstable platform. The same exercise was has been working out during 6 weeks to develop force endurance. Before and after trainings the respondents carried out tests in the exercise press-up "to the limit" and on press of a stationary cross-bar at tenzoplatform to registrate maximum arbitrary force. After 6 weeks of training the trainees definitely improved their indicators of their force endurance and arbitrary force.