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Formation of 10–11 year footballers’ physical fitness

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Статья опубликована в IV Международной научно-практической конференции
"Образовательная среда сегодня: стратегии развития"

Библиографическое описание
Баранов М. В. Formation of 10–11 year footballers’ physical fitness [Текст] / М. В. Баранов, В. И. Волчкова // Образовательная среда сегодня: стратегии развития : материалы IV Междунар. науч.–практ. конф. (Чебоксары, 11 дек. 2015 г.) / редкол.: О. Н. Широков [и др.]. — Чебоксары: ЦНС «Интерактив плюс», 2015. — № 3 (4). — С. 399–400. — ISSN 2411-8184.
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Аннотация: в данной статье рассматривается вопрос формирования физической подготовленности юных футболистов, использующих комплексы упражнений, направленных на повышение уровня физической подготовки молодых футболистов и проводимые в рамках учебного процесса.

Abstract: the article deals with the question of the formation of the physical fitness of young football players, using complexes of exercises targeted at improving the level of young football players’ fitness and carried out within the framework of the training process.

Ключевые слова: футболисты, физическая пригодность.

Keywords: physical fitness, footballers.

Relevance of the research. We are often faced with the problem of choosing the most effective way for the development of physical skills and abilities. And all this requires depth knowledge in the field of sports as one of the most important factors not only development of human physical qualities, but also strengthen his psychoemotional sphere. Our theme is dictated by the need to improve the athletic performance of young football players.

Physical training is one of the most important components of sports training. We distinguish general, functional and special physical training. Under the general physical preparation, we understand the process of harmonious development of motor skills that have a positive impact on achieving of a football player and ensure the effectiveness of the training process. Functional physical training is oriented towards the creation of a special framework necessary for the effective discharge of large volumes of work on development of special motor qualities. Special physical training aimed at developing motive qualities in accordance with the requirements of the specific nature of football and features of competitive activity [1; 2].

Functional preparedness provides a basis for successful work on the development of special physical qualities and abilities. It means player’s functional abilities shown in the motor actions related to an elected sport, the ability of the body to endure large specific loads, to intense recovery processes [3].

Special preparation is characterized by a level of development of physical qualities, capabilities of the organs and functional systems, directly defining achievements in football.

The purpose of the research. To develop a set of specially elected exercises aimed at formation of young players’ physical fitness.

Results of the research and their discussion. In the process of the research we have made an analysis of the literature, which showed that adolescence period characterized by certain features of the development of the physical qualities that form the basis of physical fitness, that’s why usage of a variety of complexes of exercises targeted at improving the physical fitness of young football players and carried out within the framework of the training process is especially important.

We have developed the following complexes:

Complex No.1 (exercises for strength development). «Push in the circle’ Players stand outside the circle, holding hands. By coach (teacher) signal all move in a circle, then by signal stop and try to draw inside the circle line their neighbors without cutting through the hands. A player that stepped in a circle at least with one foot is eliminated from the game.

Complex No. 2 (exercises on development of response rate) «Listen to the signal’. The group goes in the gym hall in close file. Suddenly a signal is given: one whistle – jump up; two whistles – leap forward; three whistles-imitation of ballcarrier. Those who mistaken are eliminated from the game.

Complex No. 3 (exercises on development of speed of movement). «Sparrows and crows’. Two teams with such names stand at the midline back to each other. Leader slowly calls one of the teams. The team which was called quickly runs away, the other catches up players. The winner is the team which caught more players.

Complex No. 4 (exercises on development of speed-strength abilities). «Relay with jumps’. Players stand in columns. By a signal, the first number of each team jumps in length with the impetus of two feet. The next player stands on the line of landing the first player touching it by toe, and also jumps, followed by the third and so on. The team which jumped the furtherest in sum is a winner.

Conclusion. On the basis of all the above, we can conclude that for the development of the physical qualities of young football players it is necessary to use a wide range of means of directional exposure to improve their physical fitness, that will be the foundation for their further qualitative technical-tactical training.

Список литературы
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