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Publication date: 16.08.2017
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Senognoeva Natalia Anatolyevna , doctor of pedagogical sciences , доцент, профессор
FSAEI of HE "Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University" , Свердловская обл

«Test of educational activities in the process of theorem proving»

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The monograph describes the tests of education activity instead of regular controlling tests. They help to monitor systematically build education activity. It also provides the definition, qualitative features, measured parameters and structure of these tests; discusses the tests of educational activity in the process of proving theorems. The monograph is aimed at everybody who is interested in the theory of pedagogical testing. The materials of the monograph can be used in the work with bachelors in the area of psychological and pedagogical education, specialized field of “Pedagogical testing”; with Master's Degree Students in the area of vocational training (by sector) of master's program “Professional and pedagogical technologies”, specialized field of “Pedagogical measurement of learning achievements” as well as with teachers of general education schools and university lecturers on advanced training courses.