Study guide for extracurricular activities and additional education of children
«The alphabet of folk culture. Russian culture for compatriots. Extracurricular activities and additional education of children»

Executive secretary
Yakovleva Tatyana Valerianovna
publishing editor

This book is a study guide for children introduction to the Russian traditional culture. It`s content was developed on the basis of "The concepts of ethnocultural education in the Russian Federation" (T.I. Baklanova, L.V. Ershova, T.Ya. Shpikalova, 2005) and "The concepts of social realization and ethnocultural integration of migrant children in Moscow schools on the basis of a Russian culture" (T.I. Baklanova, 2014). The author's innovative educational system, using a unique didactic kit "The class of folk crafts" of the project "The alphabet of folk culture", created in the Association "National art crafts of Russia" (author of the idea – E.A. Menshikova), was represented in the book. The book is addressed to educational and other organizations, involved in children introduction to spiritual and moral values and traditions of Russian culture in Russia and abroad.

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