Grichanina Valeria Valentinovna

Place of work

MBEI "Comprehensive school №4 named after G.K. Jukov"
teacher of russian language and literature

Author's articles(3)

The study of interaction between Russian Orthodox literature and culture as a fundamental prerequisite for education of pupils



The article analyzes the issue of interaction between Russian Orthodox literature and culture. The author presents innovative technologies and various techniques used in the training of children in literature classes.

The educational project «A gifted Pushkin reader»



the paper presents an educational project, the main task of which is reduced to an aggravation of pupils' interest to creativity of the great poet A.S. Pushkin, as well as improvement of the efficiency of his works reading by intellectually and artistically gifted children. The classification of Pushkin's characters by the parameters of perception of reality, honor and prestige, enlightenment and learning is made in the work. The author points out the possibility of preparation the the script of the play “Love and secret freedom” and organization of elective course “Workshop of Pushkin’s verse...

The phenomenon and the concept of love in lyrics by L. Martynov



in this article the author considers the concept of love in the work of the Russian poet L. Martynov. Love, represented in the poet’s lyrics, is viewed both as mutual tenderness, and as energy of struggle and action, which is valued above rest and tenderness. The author’s concept of love implies the exit of lovers from a vicious circle.