Litovkina Margarita Ivanovna

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врач, юрист

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Органы конституционного правосудия и правовое пространство Российской Федерации



in this article, the role of constitutional justice authorities in ensuring the homogeneity of Russian legislation and in maintenance of unified legal framework in the state is presented. The problems in implementation of these tasks can be as follows: the irregular distribution of regional constitutional justice authorities, legal pluralism, special legislation development in constituent entities of the Federation. Among solutions, there can be the preservation of regional constitutional justice authorities, especially in the regions with different ethnic and confessional specifics, the possi...

Верховный Суд Российской Федерации и сфера охраны здоровья



the article considers some powers, reviews of court practice, Regulations of Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation relating to the sphere of health protection. Their role in law enforcement unification, that allows to identify the ways of healthcare legislation improvement, is presented.