Sokolova Natalia Aleksandrovna

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FSBEI of HE "Saint-Petersburg State University"
associate professor
candidate of economic sciences

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Identification of corporate life-cycle stages



consideration of the company's activity through the stages of the life cycle is one of the modern approaches to the analysis of economic entities. There are a wide variety of methods for determining these stages, but many of them are difficult to apply in practice. In this article, an attempt to describe several applied approaches for identification of the corporate life-cycle stages was made. Methods of both foreign and domestic scientists-economists were analyzed.

Identification of corporate life-cycle based on cash flows



one of the modern approaches for identification of corporate life-cycle stages is based on the cash-flows from different types of activities. According to this method, cash-flows from operating, investing and financing activities are different and form a unique combination depending on particular stage of the cycle and therefore, this information allows to identify these stages. The article overviews the above mentioned approach, analyzes practical examples and provides empirical conclusions based on the research of both foreign and domestic scientists-economists.