Khizhkina Elena Vladimirovna

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Institute of Intellectual Property as a Factor in the Development of Innovative Economy



In this article, the influence of the institution of intellectual property on the development of an innovative economy is examined. The article considers, on the basis of foreign experience, ways to increase the competitiveness of the country's economy through the development of the institute of intellectual property. It is concluded that the actual is ineffective, which is a very important reason for Russia's serious lag in the field of intellectual property development and innovation

Analysis of the main problems of intellectual property institute development in Russia



in this article it is studied how various factors in combination influence the formation of intellectual property institution and influence the development of the innovative activity of the Russian economy. The effect of each factor on the share of innovation production in the total output in the Russian economy is calculated. Conclusions are drawn and recommendations are given on the development of the innovative activity of the Russian economy through the development of selected factors.