Wang Peng

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LLC "Dunfen Motor Rus"
general manager

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Labor market in Russia: modern features and management



modern features of the labor market in Russia as well as the factors determining these features are considered in the article. The indicators of population income are presented. Regional features of the labor market are shown. The problems of the labor market development are identified and authors presented some suggestions for solving these problems.

Labor migration: Russian-Chinese relations



the article considers issues of labor migration, primarily in the light of Russian-Chinese relations. The author emphasizes that quite significant experience in the development and implementation of migration policy has been accumulated in China. For modern Russia, the migration issue is also very relevant. The authors come to the conclusion that there is a need to change migration policies so that labor migration contributes to the development of the Russian labor market, and in this connection measures for mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Russia in the field of migration are...