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Физическое воспитание и здоровьесберегающая деятельность

Publication date: 26.09.2016
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Osokin Dmitry Andreevich , старший преподаватель
Kimyaeva Svetlana Igorevna , доцент
Jernakov Dmitry Vladimirovich , начальник кафедры
FSBE of HE "SIberian Fire-Rescue Academy" , Красноярский край

«The importance of physical fitness issues among SFRA students as the component of their training»

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This paper deals with the question of general physical fitness of students on the basis of benchmarking on a discipline "Physical culture". The authors give the characteristic of the control standards, their meaning and direction, as well as the peculiarities of the major conditional abilities of students of different genders.