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Publication date: 09.12.2016
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Gennady P. Sokolov , преподаватель
Dmitrii N. Iakovlev , курсант
FSBEI of HE "Ivanovo Fire and Rescue Academy SFPS of EMERCOM of Russia" , Ивановская обл

«Совершенствование огневой полосы психологической подготовки пожарных для подготовки газодымозащитников»

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In order to successfully perform the tasks of fire-rescue units, the personnel of the duty shifts, guards, calculations should be in constant readiness and have a high capacity for work, which, of course, depends on the level of physical and mental preparation of each gazodymozaschitnika. According to statistics, over the past five years, the use of respiratory protective equipment, personnel at fires has increased tenfold, which is connected with the continuous development of science and techno