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Социология (гендерная социология, экосоциология и др.)

Publication date: 18.12.2015
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Sitdikova Azaliia Ravilevna , магистрант
Safiullina Rauza Maratovna , candidate of geographical sciences , доцент, преподаватель
FSBEI HE "Bashkir State University" , Башкортостан Респ

«Современное состояние и проблемы пенсионного обеспечения в Российской Федерации»

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В данной статье представлены основные проблемы пенсионного обеспечения в стране и пути их решения. Рассмотрены сценарии и прогнозы дальнейшего состояния пенсионного фонда, также представлены пути решения снижения коэффициента замещения старшетрудоспособными лицами.


Publication date: 02.12.2016
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Sergeev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich , candidate of economic sciences , доцент, декан
FSFEI of HE "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation" , Москва г

«Problems and prospects of physical culture and sport development in Russia»

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This article describes physical culture and sport as factors, playing a very important role in the development of society. According to the author there is a situation of decline in physical health-improving activity of the people all around the world. Obviously, it can lead to poor health and reduced productivity. The author believes that it is possible to increase productivity of the active working population by increasing investments in mass sport. Numerous empirical and experimental data confirm that there is a disease reduction, the increase of useful Fund of working time, the increase of intellectual and manual labor. Investments in physical activity and sport reduce the state expenses on medical care and increase of working age, which in turn reduces the cost of pension provision. This article investigates the problem of investments in physical culture influence on the increase of labor productivity.