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Publication date: 12.01.2017
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Boyko Yuriy Pavlovich , doctor of medical sciences , профессор, заведующий кафедрой
Lavrova Julietta Ivanovna , doctor of medical sciences , профессор
FGBOU DPO "Rossiiskaia meditsinskaia akademiia nepreryvnogo professional'nogo obrazovaniia" Ministerstva zdravookhraneniia Rossiiskoi Federatsii , Москва г

«Morbidity and disability of 15–17-year-old adolescents in Russia»

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The article describes an analysis of adolescent primary morbidity during 2005–2014, which shows an increase in morbidity rates in almost each disease entity and the dynamic of primary decreasing adolescent disability during 2014–2015.