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Парадигмы современного образования (различные направления)

Publication date: 21.01.2017
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Badashkeev Mihail Valeryevich , candidate of pedagogical sciences , педагог-психолог
MBEI "GES of Tarasa" , Иркутская обл

«Особенности реализации инновационной деятельности в условиях современной сельской школы»

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Innovative activity at rural school represents difficult, contradictory process as modern requirements and tasks from society and the state not always have concrete outlines. Therefore teachers innovators constantly are in process of experimental activity, a reality of the current events allowed rural teachers develops depending on modernization processes in Russian education. In the research uses the general methods of scientific knowledge, and also an empirical method of a pedagogical research and methods of observation. MBOU «Tarasinsky SOSh» realizing various innovative programs develops the educational and methodical potential, educational space promoting development of pedagogical collective, rural school students. Therefore innovative activity at rural school represents process of introduction and the organization of the activity aimed at the development of school.