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Технические науки (электромеханика, приборостроение, машиностроение, металлургия и др.)

Publication date: 02.03.2017
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Vasilyev Aleksey Sergeevich , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
Bogdanov Dmitrii Mikhailovich , магистрант
FSBEI of HE "Petrozavodsk State University" , Карелия Респ

«Инновационный контейнер для транспортировки и хранения отработавшего ядерного топлива»

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In an innovative container for transportation and storage of spent nuclear fuel cast cover is fixedly connected to the body of ductile cast iron with nodular graphite due to the shrinkage that occurs during solidification of the melt of ductile iron with nodular graphite in the manufacture of body casting.