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Publication date: 27.03.2017
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Sakharusov Aleksandr Nikolaevich , cоискатель ученой степени канд. филол. наук
, Вологодская обл

«Functional characteristics of Swabian regional dialect in education (the analysis of discussion in classes in the gymnasium named after F. List in Mannheim)»

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This article investigates some functions of regional dialects in modern society. The aim of this study is to describe some features of speech communication among native speakers in Swabia in the field of education. The research has been carried out by the method of discourse analysis of directly observed texts. The study of Swabian regional dialect implementation in education discovered new social functions of regional dialects. According to the author they consist of expression of emotions, drawing attention and regulations of communicative distance. The research results could be of interest to sociolinguistics as a description of territorial dialect functioning in society.