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[22.00.00] Социологические науки

Publication date: 09.06.2017
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Giloyan Artur Vladimirovich , исследователь научной мысли
, Санкт-Петербург г
Vasilyev Sergey Viktorovich , candidate of historical sciences , ведущий специалист
NP «Silver ring of Russia» ,

«Pedagogics of Future within the «Axiodemy» concept: author’s point of view»

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The article consists of an interview with Mr Artur Giloyan, a philosopher, writer, futurist, founder of the «Axiodemy» concept. It was prepared by Svetlana Vladimirovna Senator, a journalist-correspondent and Sergey Viktorovich Vasiliev, a candidate of historical sciences and leading expert NP «Silver ring of Russia». The interview reveals the author's view on the prospects for the development of education, ways and forms of this process.