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Парадигмы современной науки (различные направления)

Publication date: 02.05.2017
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Shcherbakova Irina Viktorovna , старший преподаватель
SFEI of HE "V.I. Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University" of Russian Federation Ministry of Health , Саратовская обл

«Работа с Медицинской базой знаний в Малой Экспертной Системе v2.0: руководство для преподавателей»

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This article presents the basics of working with the computer program “Small Expert System” (MES) version 2.0 – the so-called simple expert system based on the Bayesian system of logical inference and giving out results in the form of probabilities of outcome.

Технические науки

Publication date: 11.01.2018
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Proaspet Anastasiia Georgievna , bachelor of technical sciences , магистрант
GBOU VO Moskovskoi oblasti "Tekhnologicheskii universitet" , Московская обл

«Development of corporate information system to manage content online resource of enterprise»

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Existing software products for content management of the enterprise Internet resource are difficult for the staff who are responsible for the content management or do not provide the necessary level of security and functionality. According to the author, it is necessary to develop requirements for a corporate information system that allows you to manage Internet resources effectively.

Publication date: 18.05.2020
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Yu Xi , master's degree student
Tkalich Svetlana Konstantinovna , doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor
Institute of Fine Arts FSBEI of HE "Moscow State Pedagogical University" , Москва г

«Role and Principles of Animation in UI Design»

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Animation effects are an important part and an indispensable tool in the development of UI. The article considers the role of animation in interaction, analyzes the principles of animation design in UI, and discusses directions for interface animation research.

Publication date: 01.06.2018
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Peregudov Alexander Vladimirovich , bachelor of technical sciences , студент
FSAEI of HE "Far Eastern Federal University" , Приморский край

«Analysis of keyboard handwriting. Methods of application»

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Features of the keyboard handwriting analysis and in what areas they can be used are discussed in the work. Parameters by means of which the analysis of keyboard handwriting is carried out are considered.


Publication date: 26.12.2017
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Mukhortikova Ekaterina Evgenevna , магистрант
Sandrina Viktoriia Evenevna , candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent , преподаватель, доцент
FGBOU VO "Sankt-Peterburgskii gosudarstvennyi ekonomicheskii universitet" , Санкт-Петербург г

«Instagram как эффективный инструмент продвижения бренда гостиницы (гостиничного предприятия) на российском и международном рынке»

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The report considers the promotion of the hotel brand through the social network Instagram. An analysis of the use of the Instagram platform as an instrument of promotion was conducted. For example, the St. Petersburg three-star hotel "Center hotel" is actively using this network.

Технические науки

Publication date: 31.03.2017
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Ostroukh Andrey Vladimirovich , doctor of technical sciences , профессор
Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University , Москва г

«The concept of the user interface for the interactive touch control panel of the mobile cone crusher»

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The article provides a brief description of the concept of the user interface for the interactive touch control panel of the mobile cone crusher. The software implementation of the interface has been implemented, based on a set of technical, informational, mathematical and software tools for controlling the mobile cone crusher, which ensures the effective operation of the technological control object as a whole.