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Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 16.02.2017
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Kurilov Vladimir Nikolaevich , доцент
SBEI of HE “Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts” , Новосибирская обл

«Novosibirsk architectural landscape in a graphic design in the end of the XX century – beginning of the XXI century based on own developments»

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The article describes the author's creative method, working in the field of graphic design and applied graphics. The basis of his work – the architectural landscape of Novosibirsk. An educated architect, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the author has always worked at the intersection of three powerful spheres of influence: architecture, design, easel graphics. His task was to achieve harmony trinity incarnation in his art.


Publication date: 09.03.2016
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Goncharova Ariadna Evgenevna , учащаяся
Goncharova Olga Viacheslavovna , преподаватель русского языка и литературы, логопед, писатель, член Международной гильдии писателей
ИП Гончарова О.В. Лингвистическая студия «Приазовское Лукоморье» , Краснодарский край

«Календарь языческих и христианских праздников в образах героев произведения А.С. Пушкина «Сказка о мертвой царевне и семи богатырях»»

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In this research work are examples of encoding the calendar of pagan and Christian holidays in the images of fairy tale characters A.S. Pushkin