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Publication date: 09.03.2018
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Borodin Andrei Victorovich , candidate of economic sciences , доцент, заведующий кафедрой
FSBEI of HE "Volga Region State University of Technology" , Марий Эл Респ
Urazaeva Polina Sergeevna , соискатель
MEI "Lyceum №11 named after T.I. Aleksandrova" , Марий Эл Респ

«About one approach to the decision of the task of key sharing of access to a secret»

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The original protocol of key sharing of access to a secret is offered. This protocol differs in simplicity of implementation and integration of functions of decryption and test of data integrity in one arithmetical operation. The cryptographically strong of the offered protocol is based on computational complexity of the decision of the task of integer factorization.