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[22.00.00] Социологические науки

Publication date: 28.03.2017
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Veksler Dina , recreational counselor
Women's League Community Residence , USA
Afridi Saif Ahmad , engineer
Institute of Space Technology , Pakistan

«A Creative Approach to Development of Special Children»

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This article introduces Thematic Photobooks system as a mean of special children's' development. According to the ideas of L.S. Vygotsky and Activity Theory by A. Leontiev and S. Rubinstein, the development of a child’s intellectual activity highly depends on the presence of mediating agents in children’s interaction with the environment and highlights the presence of a social medium for children’s development. The process of creating Thematic Рhotobooks about a child and his/her life as a creative collaboration of an adult and a child serves as a mediating agent between a child and his surrounding. The benefits from photography and photo stories for the child's development is described. Creating Photobooks is a goal and a process at the same time. It helps a child to develop important life skills and acquiring knowledge. The structure, application and advantages of this system are presented along with a real life example of a special child as a case study.

Дошкольная педагогика

Publication date: 29.05.2018
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Khorosh Anastasiia Panteleevna , социальный педагог
Овчинникова С Ю , воспитатель
MADOU D/S OV 78 "Gnomik" , Белгородская обл

«Организация познавательно-исследовательской деятельности с младшими дошкольниками с опорой на зону ближайшего развития»

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The article views the cognitive development questions of nursery children under the current conditions in pre-school educational facilities. Supported by the theoretical sources the authors prove the possibilities of educational content development, envisioned by the programme, by means of careful selection of educational content and its adjustment to the age peculiarities, and summarize the protocol of an adult while organizing the children activities, formulate the conclusions based on the practical activity results.


Publication date: 14.02.2018
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Lunina Galina Vladimirovna , elementary school teacher of the highest category, winner of the Priority National Project Education
School №2103 in Moscow , Москва г

«Creative thinking as the key to the successful development of the personality of junior schoolchildren»

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This article discusses different points of view on the problem of creative thinking of the younger students. The result of the development of this kind of thinking is the ability of each student to discover their talents, realize their creative potential. The author shares her experience and writes about the techniques and methods of creative thinking development, talks about solutions to non-standard tasks using an original approach based on finding innovative solutions to difficult problems.