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Педагогика общеобразовательной школы

Publication date: 28.03.2016
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Makarevich Antonina Aleksandrovna , учитель
Khakhalkina Nina Anatolevna , учитель
MAOU "Zaozernaia SOSh s UIOP 16" , Томская обл

«Осенний тур игры-конкурса «Росточек» как средство реализации исследовательского потенциала и творческой активности младших школьников»

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Game Autumn Tour - Competition "Rostochek" is one of the stages of the pedagogical project aimed at creating optimal conditions for research and creative potential of younger schoolchildren in the form of environmental education. The competition is held in person in three rounds (winter, spring, autumn). Each round has an individual plan and theme. The theme of the autumn round of the game, "Thrifty autumn". Stages of games - educational, research, creative. Game time - 1 hour.