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Publication date: 31.01.2023
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Ding Kai Jian , candidate of engineering sciences , professor
The University of Technology of China , The People's Republic of China

«Improving the efficiency of cutting ceramics with layered multicomponent functional composite materials»

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The article deals with the problem of the development of materials science. The author pays special attention to the issue of the development of new materials, which is associated with the increasing requirements to boost the level of their physical, chemical, technological and operational properties and the creation of technologies for obtaining and production. The idea is substantiated that the development and production of instrumental materials is of particular scientific and practical interest. It is known that in mechanical engineering and other industries, labor productivity and the quality of machining of machine parts largely depends on the applied cutting ceramics (СС). The choice of material for the cutting part of the tool over the centuries has been a priority for science, technology and has been closely associated with the development of metallurgy, and more recently with powder metallurgy, the influence of concentrated energy flows, as well as physics and chemistry of solids.