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Publication date: 07.04.2016
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Kapbasova Gulzada Baiyrovna , candidate of psychological sciences , associate professor
Karaganda State University named Y.A. Buketov , Kazakhstan
Abitaeva Torgyn Ahmarovna , старший преподаватель
Central Kazakhstan Academy , Kazakhstan
Zhanserikova Dybys Amankeldievna , candidate of psychological sciences , доцент
Karaganda State University named Y.A. Buketov , Kazakhstan

«Features of the image of the future at men – representatives of the title nation of Kazakhstan and emigrants the Georgian»

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The article deals with the interaction of people from different cultures, especially in a situation of increasing migration. Most surveyed immigrants can be described as people who attempt lifestyle changes, including its temporal dimension by spatial movement without changing the semantic content of the picture of the world that can be seen as a global factor, complicating the process of adaptation to the new place of residence.