Zhanserikova Dybys Amankeldievna

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Karaganda State University named Y.A. Buketov
candidate of psychological sciences

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Features of the image of the future at men – representatives of the title nation of Kazakhstan and emigrants the Georgian



the article deals with the interaction of people from different cultures, especially in a situation of increasing migration. Most surveyed immigrants can be described as people who attempt lifestyle changes, including its temporal dimension by spatial movement without changing the semantic content of the picture of the world that can be seen as a global factor, complicating the process of adaptation to the new place of residence.

Research of the base conditions in the families with the phenomenon of co-addiction



the article addresses the problem of co-dependence, namely, the psychological state of the family with co-dependence in the frame of different approaches. Also, the authors explain the results of research that was aimed at studying the base conditions in the families with the phenomena of addictive behaviors. The results of current research can be used for development of effective psychological assistance in the families that have problems connected with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Социально-психологические особенности личности тренера



в статье рассматривается проблема исследования личностных свойств эффективного тренера. Авторами приводятся результаты исследования, направленного на изучение психологических механизмов влияния личности тренера на спортсмена с целью определения конкретных практических рекомендаций, влияющих на успешность как в области спортивной деятельности в целом, так и в связи с каждым конкретным соревнованием.

The study of the attitude to terrorism in a gender context



the concept of terrorism today is a very diverse phenomenon. Modern terrorism has recently acquired features of a global problem that requires close attention of the international community. It is well known that any society facing this problem will eventually change its attitude to this phenomenon. The article has discussed the questions concerning the formation of the attitude to terrorism and revealed empirical indicators of male and female attitude to terrorism. The results of the study allow to predict people's reactions to this negative phenomenon.