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Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 12.04.2016
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Maloshik Maksim Vladimirovich , candidate of cultural sciences , старший преподаватель
FSBEI of HE "East-Siberian State Institute of Culture" , Бурятия Респ

«Key points swot-analysis of the industry's development of culture in Ulan-Ude up to 2030»

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In this article the author analyzes the main issues addressed by theorists and practitioners of cultural industries on the development strategy of cultural policy of the city of Ulan-Ude up to 2030. The paper includes conclusions, which are interesting for cultural studies specialists.

Менеджмент и его разновидности, диверсификация, маркетинг, ценообразование

Publication date: 14.02.2017
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Fateeva Svetlana Viktorovna , doctor of philosophical sciences, candidate of economic sciences , профессор
Barkar Nikita Igorevich , магистрант
Institute of Service Industry and Business (Brunch) FSFEI of HE "Donsk State Technical University" , Ростовская обл

«Стратегические ориентиры компании-товаропроизводителя в современных условиях хозяйствования»

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The article is devoted to using the tools of strategic analysis in defining the strategic orientation of the company. The object of the study were a large company with the brand of "Shakhtinskaya plitka", which at the moment is trying to change their market rate.

Экономика и управление качеством

Publication date: 19.12.2018
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Kamaeva Alina Ilfatovna , студентка
Баронина Татьяна Валерьевна , candidate of economic sciences, docent , доцент, заведующая кафедрой
Ufimskii filial FGOBU VO "Finansovyi universitet pri Pravitel'stve Rossiiskoi Federatsii" , Башкортостан Респ

«SWOT-анализ как инструмент экономической диагностики»

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KAMAEVA ALINA ILFATOVNA, Russia, Ufa branch of the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation. SWOT analysis as instrument of economic diagnostics. 3rd year, 282meowhaklina 8-917-41-29-957//SWOT analysis – one of the major diagnostic procedures used by consulting firms of the whole world. It needs to be considered as business technology, technology of assessment of an initial condition of the subject of a research, uninvolved resources and threats of activity.

Экономические науки

Publication date: 24.08.2016
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Sleptsova Margarita Aidarovna , магистрант
Financial and Economic Institute of FSAEI of HPE "M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" , Саха /Якутия/ Респ

«Management system of Virgin Group»

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The article examines theoretical aspects of strategic management considering the case of Virgin Group. The authors perform comparative analysis of Virgin Group Airlines and Aeroflot to find out information of their efficiency.