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Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 05.05.2016
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Shipshinskayte Regina Gentauto , магистрант
FSAEI of HE "Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University" , Калининградская обл
Zayceva Nataliya Aleksandrovna , doctor of economic sciences , профессор
FSBEI of HE "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" , Москва г

«Current state and development trends of cultural and educational tourism in the Kaliningrad Region»

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In article results of research of a condition of development of cultural and informative tourism are reflected in the Kaliningrad region. Tourist potential of the tourist and recreational zones allocated in the project on development of the Concept of complex development of tourism in the Kaliningrad region for 2012 — 2018/2022 years is. On the basis of the revealed factors having negative impact on development of cultural and informative tourism in the region recommendations on developments of