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Publication date: 13.06.2017
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Makashova Olga Viktorovna , студентка
Institute of Humanities of FSAEI HE "Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University" , Калининградская обл

«People with chemical addiction and the features of their life orientations»

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According to the author, modern rehabilitation facilities do not have psychological tool that helps people with chemical addictions to optimize their life orientations. The research methods: analysis of psychological literature on this subject; testing; method of mathematical data processing (Mann-Whitney U test, correlation analyses of data). Dependent persons have lowered indicators of reason to live and meaningful orientations. Their personal development is hampered because of a lower level of perception of the integral time of their life. They have higher level of such destructive orientations as confrontational coping, running away from a problem and higher level of constructive orientations – orientation on the solution of the problem, acceptance of responsibility and a positive reassessment of the situation. Sometimes constructive coping is associated with indicators related to the difficulties of personal development. Addicted persons’ tendency toward prosocial behavior is high. At the same time, the helping behavior is more pronounced, when the respondents believe in themselves and in people less. Based on the findings, the Program of Measures, accompanying the rehabilitation of dependent persons, has been compiled.


Publication date: 03.06.2016
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Lykova Natalya Mihaylovna , candidate of psychological sciences , доцент
Marcih Kristina Igorevna , студентка
FSAEI of HE "Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia" , Москва г

«Features of parasportsmen’s coping behavior»

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Coping behavior is a combination of coping strategies and coping resources, it’s like constantly changing cognitive and behavioral efforts of the individual, which help him to manage internal and external requirements. This work presents the study of parasportsmen’s coping behavior features. The authors used coping test by Lazarus in the adaptation of T.L. Krjukova, E.V. Kuftyak, M.S. Zamyshlyaeva and «Multidimensional scale of social support» («MSPSS») by D. Zimet (in the adaptation of N.A. Sirota and V.M. Yaltonskij, modification of G.S. Korytova). However some questions were added according to the conditions of the research. This work demonstrates coping-strategies, which are suitable for parasportsmen, and how these people perceive social support.

Publication date: 09.08.2016
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Malyshev Ivan Victorovich , candidate of psychological sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State Research Institute" , Саратовская обл

«Characteristics of socio-psychological parameters of adaptation preparedness and coping strategies among stressful professions representatives»

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The article analyzes the problem of adaptation readiness of individual in the form of his basic social and psychological components in professions of varying stress degrees. An analysis of adaptive parameters characteristics of a personality and coping strategies from kindergarten teachers and teachers of secondary schools shows their distinctive adaptation in confronting long-term stress and the choice of appropriate strategies for overcoming behavior.