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Дошкольная педагогика

Publication date: 15.07.2016
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Nina N. Saveljeva , candidate of pedagogic sciences
Pedagogic school (branch) FSAEI of HPE "Far-East Federal University" in Ussuriisk , Приморский край
Yanina A. Gelman
MBPI "K/g №25 "Solnyshko" , Приморский край

«GTST-TIPS tecnology in solution of cognitive interests of elder preschool children»

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The current article is devoted to the development of cognitive interests among older preschoolers by TIPS- technology means. The characteristic of the new pedagogical direction GTST-TIPS (general theory of strong thinking - theory of inventive problem solving) is given and the authors state that general theory of strong thinking is based on the classical theory of inventive tasks, it complements it. They also presented a phased introduction of technology into the practice of pre-school institution, as well as description of games, exercises, creative tasks, developed by the authors in the framework of GTST-TIPS technology are described. The results of the pedagogical experiment are shown and they clearly indicate the positive impact of GTST-TIPS technology in the development of cognitive interests of older preschoolers.