Mavrinskaya Tatiana Vladimirovna

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Institute of Law FSBEI of HE “Samara State University of Economics”

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Marriage and family relations in Ancient Greece



the proposed article is a brief insight into the regulation of marriage and family relations in the early stages of the formation of state and law in Ancient Greece. On the basis of special sources marriage and family relations in the ancient Greek civilization have been analyzed. In ancient Greek law, marriage was based to a large extent on the basis of the sacred laws and racial lifestyle. The law, which regulated marriage and family relations in Ancient Greece, had been strengthening the institution of marriage, as evidenced by the strength of family relationships of the ancient Greek civil...

DLP system and the secret of personal correspondence



according to the authors, every day a number of threats to information security increases, and this requires an increase in resources (systems) of information protection of organizations and enterprises. There are many information security tools with different functionality, but the main mean of preventing information leakage is the Date Loss Prevention (DLP) system. If you need to establish control over the leak of confidential information there appear a number of questions of conformity of decisions with the legislation and regulations. This article describes the issue of compliance function...

Depersonalization of personal data and «big data» technology (bigdata)



the question of the citizens' personal data processing is very important, and the solution for this problem should be the adoption of legislation expressly regulating the activities of personal data operators. The authors considered one of the most effective approaches to personal data protection – anonymization, as well as identified two developments to adoption of legislation. Anonymization not only protects the interests of the state and, first and foremost, the citizens, but it is also a mechanism that will allow advertising, insurance and other companies to improve the quality of their pr...