Mordvinov Aleksey Andreevich

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AEI of HE LR «State institute of Economics, Finance, Law and Technology»

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All-general elections of student's self-government in educational institutions of higher and professional education as a direct way of the Russian Federation legal society development



the article discusses the election of bodies of student self-government in educational institutions of higher and professional education, which can contribute to the development of civil society in Russia. While considering this issue the author used the experience of all-Russian public organizations engaged in student self-government. The executive elections are already being considering according to the submitted scheme in various educational institutions. Creation of all conditions for the election process will allow students to develop a sense of civic responsibility.

The role of student government in decision making by the administration of educational establishment



the article considers the process of student's government participation at educational organizations of higher education and professional educational organizations in the activities of working groups to discuss some issues concerning students. Attention is paid to the legal component of the work of student's self-government. Analyzing the situation on this issue throughout the country, the author has noted the main directions of the development of student’s government as a civil institution of a democratic society.