Polenin Vladimir Ivanovich

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FSOMEI of HE "Military University" of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation
doctor of military sciences, candidate of technical sciences

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Образование: проблема баланса фундаментальных знаний и компьютерной подготовки



в статье рассматриваются проблема снижения уровня фундаментальных знаний молодого поколения, причины и последствия такого снижения. Оцениваются признаки и характеристики наблюдаемого снижения доли фундаментальных знаний за счет организованной и самостоятельной компьютер-ной подготовки, сильные и слабые стороны современного образования и знания. Делается вывод о существовании некоторого оптимума в соотношении объема и качества, с одной стороны, фундаментальных, с другой стороны – компьютерных знаний и приводятся рекомендации по преодолению кризисных явлений.

Phenomenon of a single cause of the cluster-dipole nature of the observability of the area of hydrophysical disturbances from a submarine moving object by a laser beam and radar signal



relationships of cause and effect which are the cornerstone of the phenomenon of observability of area of hydrophysical indignations from an underwater moving object, including its exit to a sea surface when lighting the area in the thickness of water by a laser beam and radiation of the sea surface over an object with a radar station signal are described in the article. In the stationary marine environment the laser beam creates a backscattering signal of a fixed level. In the area of hydrodynamic indignations from an underwater moving object the signal of a backscattering of variable brightn...

Bulk properties of multidimensional objects



for the purpose of learning multidimensional models, difficult for perception, representations and technology (device) of the description and measurement of volume and amount of the substance filling the volume of multidimensional objects are considered. Alternative options of multidimensional set of one-dimensional models and unified multidimensional model of three-dimensional objects are compared. The technology of measurement of multidimensional volume and amount of the substance that fills volume is shown. The authors came to the conclusion when transferring from a set of coordinate vector...