Sulumov Islam Olkhuzurovich

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FSBEI of HE "Chechen State University"

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Управление конфликтами в инновационном менеджменте



However, these studies do not take into account the specificityof innovation process, which includes a significant creative component, but view it together with the rest of group activities. We have found and described these differences, provided evidences of positive impact of conflicts on the innovation process and developed a package of measures to improve the creative process in groups.

The role of the revolutionary innovation in the transformation of industry structures and activity of enterprises



studying the causes of crisis in the industry or at the level of large innovative companies, most modern economists have found that they are caused mainly bydisplay of radically new technologies, which are gradually replacing the old and fundamentally transform the structure of entire markets and industries. The article describes the evolution of the views of the scientists on the place and role of radical innovation in micro- and macro-economic perspective.