Mikhneva Svetlana Vladimirovna

Place of work

Volgograd Institute of Management, branch of FSBEI of HE "Russian Presiden-tial Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (The Presidential Academy, RANEPA)"
associate professor
candidate of jurisprudence sciences, master of psychological sciences, docent Russian Academy of Sciences

Author's articles(8)

Radon allocation from the soil surface and criteria for potential hazards of plots for building the Lower Volga Region



in this article studies of radiation radon characteristics of sites for the construction of the Volgograd region are presented. The regularities of radon distribution at the objects of the construction complex were established, depending on the influence of various factors. The studies made it possible to calculate the average annual effective equivalent doses to the population of the Volgograd Region caused by radon and daughter decay products.

Natural radionuclides as a source of background exposure of the population of the Lower Volga region



the monograph contains research of background radiation of the population from natural radionuclides in the premises of the Lower Volga region and presents methods of protection against the influence of natural radionuclides. Direct studies have established the absorbed dose rate of the Lower Volga region in the premises of wooden, brick and concrete buildings. The frequency distribution of the effective specific activity of natural radionuclides in building materials is analyzed. It has been established that the dose received by the body over a long period leads to more serious damage than th...

Organizational and legal aspects of the formation of local self-government in the Russian Federation



This article analyzes the features of the implementation of local self-government as the basis of democracy in the context of modern reforms in the Russian Federation. The analysis of the problem of determining the legal status of the head of the local administration is presented.

Values and socio-psychological priorities of civil servants at the current stage of the administrative reform



This article analyzes the peculiarities of value orientations of civil servants, revealed in the process of psychological research of employees of public authorities of various subjects of the Russian Federation. An analysis is given of the problem of "internal conflict", "internal psychological vacuum" and "neutral zone" among civil servants in the course of their civil service.

Invaluable role of the teacher and educator Ivan Yakovlevich Yakovlev in the history of the peoples of the Volga region



In the article the role of the outstanding teacher and researcher, researcher of languages, ethnography and culture of peoples of the Volga region I.Ya. Yakovleva. He was an ardent supporter of friendship between nations and made an invaluable contribution to bringing the peoples of the Volga and the Urals to the achievements of world civilization.

Information security in the Russian Federation: modernity and development prospects



the monograph analyzes the provisions of the current legislation in the field of information security. The urgency of the problem of ensuring information security in modern Russia is substantiated. Conceptual theoretical approaches to the definition of the concept of information security, as well as provisions of the current legislation in the field of information security are analyzed. Attention is paid to the analysis of factors ensuring information security in the Russian Federation.