Potapova Galina Nikolaevna

Place of work

FSBMI "the Ural Research Agricultural Institute"
ведущий научный сотрудник отдела селекции и семеноводства озимых и яровых зерновых культур
candidate of agricultural sciences

Author's articles(2)

The influence of sowing period and seeding norm on autumn vegetation, winter hardiness and yield of winter cereal crops



the winter wheat and triticale in the middle part of the Ural Mountains haven’t been seeded before. The technology of winter crop cultivation should be improved due to the production of new varieties of winter rye. Winter hardiness and yield of winter rye are higher in comparison with winter triticale and especially with winter wheat. The sowing period and the seeding rate influence the amount of yield and winter hardiness. The winter hardiness of winter cereals and the yield of the rye variety Iset sowed on August 25 and the yield of the triticale variety Bashkir short-stalked and wheat Kazan...

Yantarnaya is a new variety of fodder winter rye



the article has evaluation of four years observation of the prospective varieties of winter rye Yantarnaya in comparison with the standard in the nursery of the competitive variety trial of the Ural Scientific Research Institute for Agriculture in Yekaterinburg and the results of a two year test in the system of FGBU «Gossortkomissiya». A winter rye is widely used for bread baking mainly. This culture has resistance from negative environmental factors. The main cause of limited use of a winter rye grain for forage is high content water-soluble pentosans over 1.5%. They reduce availability of n...