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Publication date: 11.04.2017
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Spivak-Lavrov Igor Feliksovich , doctor of physical and mathematical sciences , профессор
Duseinova Ainur Gaisievna , магистрант
Gilimova Guldana Erzhankyzy , магистрант
Aktobe Regional State University named after K.Zhubanov , Kazakhstan

«The calculation of the field of the three-electrode transaxial lens»

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The article offered method of the calculation of the transaxial fields based on the partition of the potential into two terms. The main term is a harmonic function of two variables and satisfies the given boundary conditions. The harmonic component of the potential is found analytically using the methods of complex analysis. The second term is the solution of an inhomogeneous equation with zero Dirichlet boundary conditions and can be found numerically with the required accuracy.