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Publication date: 13.04.2017
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Romanov Aleksandr Sergeevich , candidate of philological sciences , doctoral candidate
Romanova Valeria Vladimirovna , candidate of philological sciences , старший преподаватель
FSOMEI of HE "Military University" of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation , Москва г
Osipova Inna Alekseevna , старший преподаватель
FSFEI of HE "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation" , Москва г

«US Army is Family metaphorical model within the context of the military-political discourse (as exemplified in English)»

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This study is intended to unveil a correlation between metaphorical images of the US Armed Forces and ethnic stereotypes of the army subculture within the Anglophone military-political discourse. The US Army is Family metaphorical model serves as a foundation for analyzing ethnic stereotypes of mass perception of the socio-professional environment of service members. According to the authors, metaphorical modeling is perceived as a linguistic means of explication of ethnic stereotypes attributed to the US Army subculture.