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[13.00.00] Педагогические науки

Publication date: 01.02.2017
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Kovrov Vladinir Vikentievich , candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent , доцент
Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology and Inclusive Education of Humanities-Pedagogical Academy (Brunch) FSAEI of HE "V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University" , Крым Респ

«Students’ understanding of a hero and heroic: to the problem of scarcity and quality of education in modern educational practice»

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The article discusses the problems of mainstreaming the socialization process and organization of specially organized educational activity at school and psychological and pedagogical technologies, helping to form students’ understanding of a hero and heroic. The problem is that a part of modern generation of children, teenagers and young men doesn’t see the differences between constructive activities, positive and prosocial behavior and mock-heroic activities. This may partly be a result of socialization, because there appears a new type of understanding about heroic behavior while this process. The children and teenagers’ understanding of heroes and heroic can be affected by the technologies of falsification and deheroization, which are used in mass media. The author draws attention to the need for targeted activity on patriotic and spiritual and moral education of students by means of expanding their understanding of hero and heroic, development of semantic characteristics of a hero, his historical and modern completeness. The work optimization in this direction is a crucial task for a pedagogical process on the development of moral and ethical spheres of a person during educational process and socialization.

Коррекционная педагогика, дефектология

Publication date: 23.04.2015
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Shaidullina Guzel Ildusovna , воспитатель по обучению татарскому языку
МАДОУ «Д/С №65» , Татарстан Респ
Mingalieva Leisan Malikovna , воспитатель
МАДОУ «Д/С №339 КВ» , Татарстан Респ

«Здоровьесберегающие технологии в старшей логопедической группе»

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Статья посвящена вопросам здоровья дошкольников и здоровьесберегающим образовательным технологиям. Рассматриваются такие здоровье сберегающие компоненты, как: артикуляционная гимнастика, дыхательная гимнастика, зрительная гимнастика, развитие общей и мелкой моторики. Авторы также описывают результат использования приемов здоровьесберегающих технологий в коррекционной работе с дошкольниками.