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Publication date: 10.10.2017
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Nazhimova Yuliia Viktorovna , специалист технической поддержки клиентов
Cheliabinskii filial ZAO "PF "SKB Kontur" , Челябинская обл

«Teaching younger schoolchildren programming within the framework of a supplementary education system»

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The article generalizes the experience of the teachers from the Educational Institution for Pioneers and Schoolchildren in Chelyabinsk city on teaching younger students basics of programming. The article also offers a variety of software products that help students to be more interested in this subject.

Publication date: 30.03.2016
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Troshina Elena Olegovna , магистрант
Deeva Svetlana Alfredovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
FSFEI of HE "Kuban State University" , Краснодарский край

«Организация проектной деятельности учащихся по информатике в информационной образовательной среде»

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This article deals with the problem of the need to identify pedagogical conditions of formation of skills necessary for the implementation of project activities in the school of computer science education. We analyze the pedagogical and methodological literature, which resulted in the allocated basic components of organizations design activity of schoolboys; developed a method of organization of project activities of students in learning computer science grade 8, designed the structure of the pr

Publication date: 04.05.2017
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Yushchik Elena Vladimirovna , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HPE "Far Eastern State Technical Fishery University" , Приморский край

«Formation of the different database of test tasks for computer control of knowledge on the subject «Computer Sciences»»

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The article considers the main methods for determining the difficulty level of test tasks for the formation of a multilevel database used in computer testing of students of non-technical directions on the subject «Computer Sciences».

Технические науки

Publication date: 10.06.2016
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Bundin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich , студент
Culture and Arts Institute of SAEI of HE "Moscow City University" , Москва г
Nesterov Andrei Vladimirovich , doctor of physical and mathematical sciences , профессор
Институт математики, информатики и естественных наук ГАОУ ВО «Московский городской педагогический университет» , Москва г

«Анализ автоматизированных систем»

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The article analyzes automated systems Help Desk and Service Desk