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Система образования

Publication date: 15.12.2017
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Romashkin Timur Vladimirovich , candidate of economic sciences, docent , доцент
FSBEI of HE "N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State Research Institute" , Саратовская обл

«Развитие финансовой грамотности в эпоху цифровизации»

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Статья посвящена актуальной на сегодняшний день теме финансовой грамотности населения, а именно внедрению и развитию знаний и навыков в условиях цифровой экономики, характеризующейся обилием как новых технологических средств, активно используемых предприятиями для производства продуктов и услуг, так и появлением цифровых каналов коммуникации и переосмыслением подхода к использованию информации.


Publication date: 06.08.2019
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Alekseeva Tamara Valentinovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , dean, assistant professor
FSBEI HE “St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television” , Санкт-Петербург г

«Features of modern Internet Media as a substantive component of training»

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The article is devoted to the selection and updating of the training content of future media industry specialists. Since the rapid transformation of traditional media dictates the need to clarify and modernize the concepts of the media industry, updating of the substantive component of training is a priority for educational activities. Analyzing the processes of mass media development, the author considers a number of specific features underlying the principles of online media functioning; explores the concept of interaction between online media and the modern consumer; structural and technological transformations affecting the principles of content creation and associated with monetization. The questions discussed in the article will allow participants in the learning process to understand the multidimensionality of the modern mass media and to set guidelines for further research.