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Publication date: 06.08.2018
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Fayzieva Ugilbibi Ruzibadalovna , candidate of medical sciences , associate professor
Ashurova Aziza Shukhratovna , assistant
Ergasheva Heroda Tashpulatovna , assistant
Termez branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy ,

«Risk factors influencing the development of iron deficiency anemia in children»

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The authors note that at children iron deficiency anemia leads to growth of infectious incidence of respiratory organs and digestive tract. Iron is necessary for normal functioning of structures of a brain, at its insufficient contents the psychological child development is broken. At the children who had iron deficiency anemia in infancy at the age of 3–4 years there are violations of transfer of nervous impulses from the centers of a brain to organs of hearing and sight because of violation of a miyelinizathion and, as a result of it, violation of conductivity of nerves. In children, early detection of risk factors leads to a decrease in the incidence of scarce anemia.