Fayzieva Ugilbibi Ruzibadalovna

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Termez branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy
associate professor
candidate of medical sciences

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Specifics of students’ problem studies on the subject pediatrics in medical higher educational institutions



problem-solving education – a system of the facilities and methods of the education, which base emerges modeling of the real creative process to account of the creation to clinical situation and searching for management his (its) decisions. The Assimilation of the new knowledges, skills and practical skill herewith occurs by itself student by means of teacher. The Purpose problem-solving education: Train the student correct logical and clinical thinking, formulate the questions, improve the knowledges, skills and practical skills on training problem. Each student must remember that during demo...

Особенности течения пневмонии у детей раннего возраста



данная статья посвящена изложению имеющихся в литературе сведений об этиологических и предрасполагающих факторов, клинической картине, а также представлены результаты наблюдения и течения пневмоний у детей раннего возраста. Анализ полученных сведений поможет врачам общей практики в постановке правильного диагноза и назначении адекватной терапии и ранней профилактики болезни.

Risk factors influencing the development of iron deficiency anemia in children



the authors note that at children iron deficiency anemia leads to growth of infectious incidence of respiratory organs and digestive tract. Iron is necessary for normal functioning of structures of a brain, at its insufficient contents the psychological child development is broken. At the children who had iron deficiency anemia in infancy at the age of 3–4 years there are violations of transfer of nervous impulses from the centers of a brain to organs of hearing and sight because of violation of a miyelinizathion and, as a result of it, violation of conductivity of nerves. In children, early d...