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Publication date: 10.02.2015
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Gorshkova Iuliia Lvovna , учитель английского языка
KRSEAI "Lyceum of natural sciences" , Кировская обл

«Разработка урока по английскому языку в технологии критического мышления»

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Автор предлагает нестандартный подход поэтапного структурированного проведения занятий по английскому языку с использованием различных ресурсов, методов и форм ра-бот. Четко поставленные цели и задачи помогают понять значимость подобного обучения языку.

Publication date: 05.04.2018
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Kurnaeva Kristina Yuryevna , студентка
Institute of Psychology and Pedagogics of FSBEI of HPE "Tyumen State University" , Тюменская обл

«Study on the formation of regulatory universal learning activities (planning and monitoring) in the lessons of the surrounding world in ways of independent work»

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The relevance of this study is based on the fact that there is a gradual transition in the public consciousness, from understanding social purpose of school in the simple transfer of knowledge and skills from teacher directly to student, to a new understanding of the school`s function. The priority goal of school education in recent years is the development of students' ability to independently set an educational goal, design the way of its implementation, monitor and evaluate their success. In other words, the main goal of the general educational school establishment is the formation of the ability to learn. The student must become an «architect and builder» of his own educational process.