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История и политология

Publication date: 20.09.2016
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Danilchenko Sergey Leonidovich , doctor of historical sciences, professor , professor, academician of RANS, Russian Academy of Medical Technology, Russian Academy of Natural History, head of Research center of education development
Sevastopol Pedagogical College named after P.K. Menkov , Севастополь г

«Изучение истории: проблемы соотношения фундаментальной науки, политических идеологем и образовательной практики»

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The problem of studying history is one of the most controversial in the process of modernization of Russian education. In the study of history since 1991 has been dramatic substantive changes compared to other academic subjects, but the historical knowledge is still in the paradigm of the problem of correlation of fundamental science, political ideologies and educational practices.