Mrykhin Vladimir Valerievich

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FSFEI of HE “Rostov State Medical University” of Russian Ministry of Health
candidate of medical sciences

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Designer drugs: a brief history of the attempt to systematize on the example of «spice» and «salts» (review)



the article reviews Russian and international literature on synthetic (designer) drugs. A special place is given to the most common designer drugs-synthetic cathinones («salts») and synthetic cannabinoids («spice»). On the basis of this literature the authors analyse the chemical structure of synthetic cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids, the psychoactive effects of these substances on the body, the ability to produce mental, somatic and neurological disorders.

Psychiatric aspects of designer drugs and new psychoactive substances consumption



according to the authors, appeared not long ago new psychoactive substances (designer drugs), including synthetic cannabinoids, derivatives of cathinone, phenethylamines, new stimulants, synthetic opioids, tryptamine derivatives, phencyclidine, piperazine, agonists of GABA (A/B) receptors have become a serious problem for both consumers and doctors. Consumers of these substances are attracted primarily by the intensity of psychoactive effects, as well as «legal purity», which is declared by shadow producers. This indicates that there are some significant difficulties of laboratory typing of ne...

Synthetic cannabinoid: prevalence, mechanisms of addiction development, mental disorders associated with the use of synthetic cannabinoid



according to the authors among the new psychoactive substances, the number of which is growing every year, despite the measures aimed at the obstacles to their dissemination there discovered the most frequent violations of psychotic conditions associated with use of synthetic cannabinoid in clinical practice. On the black market, they are distributed through online shops, under the guise of herbal mixtures for Smoking. When ingested, this group of drugs at the peak of intoxication raises a number of mental (different according to the depth of impaired consciousness, auditory and visual halluci...

Synthetic cannabinoids: new matrix addiction



the majority of synthetic cannabinoids (SC), belongs to the group of so-called designer drugs distributed through illegal online shopping. The first reports of this group of psychoactive substances appeared in the 70s of the last century. Today, according to various estimates, there are over 160 varieties of synthetic cannabinoids, and this figure is increasing annually due to the synthesis of new substances in the group. This group of substances is designed to «copy» the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Initially, these substances were created solely for research purposes, to study the endoc...

Synthetic cathinone “bath salts”: the mechanism of action, toxicological aspects, clinic, dependence development



according to the authors synthetic cathinone is a new class of designer drugs with psychoactive effect at the peak of intoxication which can cause hallucinatory disorders, acute paranoid disorders of psychotic level, the development of delirious disorders, affective disorders comparable to cocaine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and other drugs with amphetamine-like effect. The first reports of synthetic cathinone appeared in early 2009. On the black market, these substances were marketed as «bath salts». The legislation of the European countries have been carrying these substances to th...