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Publication date: 17.05.2018
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Kulkina Nina Vladimirovna , студентка
Mikhnev Ilia Pavlovich , Honored Worker of Science and Education, candidate of technical sciences, docent , associate professor
Volgograd Institute of Management, Branch of RANEPA , Волгоградская обл

«Protection of confidential information and control of personnel activities at enterprises»

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The article deals with the basic concepts of protecting confidential information. Organizational and technical means of information protection are characterized. The main directions of organizational measures and peculiarities of personnel activity control at enterprises are analyzed.


Publication date: 11.04.2017
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Mavrinskaya Tatiana Vladimirovna , студентка
Institute of Law FSBEI of HE “Samara State University of Economics” , Самарская обл
Loshkaryov Andrey Viktorovich , candidate of jurisprudence sciences , доцент
Churakova Ekaterina Nikolaevna , candidate of jurisprudence sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE “Samara State University of Economics” , Самарская обл

«DLP system and the secret of personal correspondence»

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According to the authors, every day a number of threats to information security increases, and this requires an increase in resources (systems) of information protection of organizations and enterprises. There are many information security tools with different functionality, but the main mean of preventing information leakage is the Date Loss Prevention (DLP) system. If you need to establish control over the leak of confidential information there appear a number of questions of conformity of decisions with the legislation and regulations. This article describes the issue of compliance functionality of a DLP system the provisions and requirements of the legislation in the sphere of protection of family and personal secrets, as well as compliance with the Constitutional right of citizens to privacy of correspondence.