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[08.00.00] Экономические науки

Publication date: 28.02.2017
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Borisov Gleb Vladimirovich , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Saint-Petersburg State University" , Санкт-Петербург г

«The effects of parent’s education and locality on child’s occupation»

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The author uses the data of 1994–2013 to estimate the effects of parent’s education and locality on occupation of adult sons and daughters, discovers that occupation of both sons and daughters depends on parent’s education. A high education attainment of parents increases the probability of children to be employed as officials, managers, or professionals. Locality has a strong influence on son’s occupation, while its effect on daughter’s occupation is less pronounced.

Образовательная среда высшего учебного заведения

Publication date: 09.04.2016
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Zagvozdina Kristina Nikolaevna , студентка
Kompaniets Daria Igorevna , студентка
Tukova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna , ассистент кафедры
FSBEI of HE "Ural State University of Railway Transport" , Свердловская обл

«Входная модель – выходная модель – профессиональное становление – рабочее место»

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This article deals with the problems of the current state of the economic situation on the labor market and vocational training , with regards to the professional competencies of young specialist on the railway.

Педагогика высшей профессиональной школы

Publication date: 24.11.2015
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Shmeleva Svetlana Anatolevna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Voronezh State Pedagogical University" , Воронежская обл

«Профессиональная мобильность будущего педагога в условиях современного рынка труда»

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To be successful, popular and competitive, the future teacher should possess certain personal qualities: mobility, willingness to change, the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to the new conditions that means to be professionally mobile. The article deals with the formation of professional mobile specialist, through the development of specific competencies.

Технические науки

Publication date: 10.12.2018
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Biryuk Gleb Dmitrievich , студент
FSAEI of HE "Far Eastern Federal University" , Приморский край

«Pairing methods of implementing regulatory requirements as a scientific problem»

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He article deals with the problems of practical implementation of the requirements of the current legislation in the field of industrial safety and labor protection in respect of heat facilities (hereinafter – boilers). A number of boiler houses are classified as hazardous production facilities of hazard class III because they use equipment operating under pressure exceeding 0.07 MPa. A dangerous factor in the workplace staff is the increased noise level. Measures to neutralize this factor are in conflict with the requirements of industrial and fire safety. The lack of engineering tools to ensure compliance with hygienic standards without violating the requirements of industrial and fire safety, creates a problem that requires a scientific approach in the search for possible solutions.


Publication date: 09.08.2016
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Malyshev Ivan Victorovich , candidate of psychological sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State Research Institute" , Саратовская обл

«Characteristics of socio-psychological parameters of adaptation preparedness and coping strategies among stressful professions representatives»

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The article analyzes the problem of adaptation readiness of individual in the form of his basic social and psychological components in professions of varying stress degrees. An analysis of adaptive parameters characteristics of a personality and coping strategies from kindergarten teachers and teachers of secondary schools shows their distinctive adaptation in confronting long-term stress and the choice of appropriate strategies for overcoming behavior.

Экономические науки

Publication date: 19.08.2016
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Bao Gan , магистрант
FSBEI of HPE "Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service" , Приморский край

«Основные социально-экономические проблемы рабочих-мигрантов современного Китая»

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The article deals with topical issues in the sphere of labor in China. The purpose of research is to identify the main problems related to the financial situation and social well-being of Chinese migrant workers. The author proves the importance of such issues, exploring the working hours of migrant workers, assess the completeness of social security, the presence of discrimination against migrant workers in employment, their coverage of training and occupational diseases.


Publication date: 28.04.2017
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Khorkov Sergey Leonidovich , студент
Khabarova Elena Ivanovna , candidate of chemical sciences , доцент
Moscow Technological University , Москва г

«Dependence of injuries on the Occupational Safety development in the workplace»

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Was made an attempt to link the stages of economic development of the country, accidents at work and the organization of the department of labor protection at the enterprise regime.