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Педагогика общеобразовательной школы

Publication date: 20.06.2016
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Matviyuk Elena Sergeevna , учитель математики и информатики
Balashiha MBEI "SOSh №25" , Московская обл

«Regulatory universal learning activities and personal results creation at the lessons of mathematics (by work experience)»

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The article is devoted to one of actual problems of education – the forms, methods and techniques used in mathematics lessons, contributing to the formation of the regulatory OOD. What is meant by reflective skills, how and at what stages of the lesson, we can develop reflective skills, how to analyze tests, so he was useful and productive, you will learn by reading this article. This article describes the experience of mathematics teacher, Matviuk E. S.


Publication date: 13.06.2017
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Nazarova Elena Yuryevna , учитель английского языка
School №31 , Новгородская обл

«Interest in studying foreign language – the way to achieve personal results»

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The article is devoted to the problem of the personal results development in teaching English through keeping the interest in the subject. The author analyzes the main approaches to the development of students’ interest in the subject throughout the years of studying it at school and tells about her own solutions of this problem.