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Теория и методика профессионального образования

Publication date: 02.08.2017
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Senognoeva Natalia Anatolyevna , doctor of pedagogical sciences , доцент, профессор
FSAEI of HE "Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University" , Свердловская обл

«the score-rating system in the context of competency-based approach at the university»

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The article examines the advantages of the score-rating system. The author proposes group study in the form of seminars-disputes, round tables, discussions, training and theoretical conferences, etc. as a scoring tool in addition to traditional lectures and seminars. The principles of the scoring system development have been considered with regard to students’ ability to build their integral cognitive process by themselves. The ways to check and evaluate students’ performance are offered by taking into account students’ individual and personal qualities describing the rules to calculate rating points.