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Социология (гендерная социология, экосоциология и др.)

Publication date: 09.11.2017
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Shumilina Angelina Vladimirovna , магистрант
FSFEI of HE "Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov" , Саратовская обл
Yakovlev Lev Sergeevich , doctor of sociological sciences , профессор
Volga Region Institute of Management named after P.A. Stolypin (branch) of FSBEI of HE “The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration” , Саратовская обл

«Концептуализация проектирования образов социальной рекламы»

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The perspective of using technologies for designing images of commercial advertising is considered in social advertising. Widely used in the promotion of products of well-known brands of animation characters allows you to emphasize the semantic aspects of the advertising message associated with the universal characteristics of objects. This approach may well be shifted to the field of social advertising, in many cases carrying out the representation of universal values.